1. REBUILDING thru ART PROJECT          

      1. Transforming places and people through art


RAP workshops bring participants of all ages and backgrounds together in a social activity and collective effort that results in the creation of innovative, vivid, and quality art.  For over a decade, RAP has hosted successful art projects in West Baltimore neighborhoods and schools, and is now recognized as a leading organization in implementing community-based workshops that result in notable artistic work.




ignite community engagement, empowerment, and action through art

Some of the art team of the Show Way mural at Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School

Community-based hands-on art-making transforms people and places.  Participants come together as a group--a community-- and through the unique RAP process discover their personal innate creative ability, the validity of ideas of all individuals, and the power of collaboration with others.  The transformation is growth of the self, a shift in perspective or feeling that results from the energy of creating, and a vivid visual enhancement of the place where art is displayed.  Completed projects celebrate individual creativity and local voice, illuminate issues  communicate new perspectives and stories to participants and viewers and completed works attest to and celebrate group accomplishment.

RAP was founded in 2003 by Open Society Institute Community Fellow and artist Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen, Ren Poulsen of Neighborhood Design Center, and John Hailey, president of

Midtown Edmondson Avenue Improvement Association, Inc.  

RAP incorporated in 2005 and received non-profit 501c3 status in 2009.

RAP began its work in neighborhoods in West Baltimore where after-school, adult, and community workshops have inspired positive change:

  1. youth activities that enlarge their perspectives beyond their neighborhood, introduce them to a diversity of role models, and encourage them in teamwork

  2. art programs for adults that provide social fellowship in a creative setting

  3. family participation with their students that has increased adult involvement at the schools

  4. inter-generational workshops that nurture relationships amongst all ages

  5. creation of art that that inspires pride

fun...pride...self esteem...independence...
being a team player...inspiration... 
something from nothing...possibilities...
critical THinking...solutions...sanctuary...
generations working together...
reclaiming place... “look I did that”


RAP workshops are available to schools, neighborhood associations, organizations, community and senior centers,

faith-based groups, and businesses                  

    contact ren at rebuildingthruart@gmail.com

Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School library corridor. Image to right shows the transformation with Searching for New and Better Worlds murals completed spring 2006                                         

Students create RAPware at Morgan State University


MURALS after-school and special workshops with organizations

RAPware micro-enterprise producing functional ceramic products “Made in Baltimore”

RAP Public Projects (RAPPP): commissioned  community-based public art projects throughout the Baltimore metro area

All RAP projects are supervised by Lead Artists with assistance from artists-in-training and other RAP volunteers

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