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Gebundenes Bayern online kaufen Buch rkbbgn3266-Startseite

Volk, München, 2011, Buch, ISBN 3937200800, EAN 9783937200804
2011. 1..., Englisch
From the Alps to the Main
Gebundenes Buch
No other German state shows such a richness in variety and character as Bavaria. Impressive alpine panoramas, picturesque river scenery around the Main and Danube, the romantic rocky landscapes of the Franconian Switzerland, the upper bavarian lake district and a collection of towns steeped in tradition and regional charm, not to mention the urban centres of Nuremberg and Munich, industrial and cultural cities of global significance. These are just some of the characteristics that make up this unique region. The full glory of Bavaria is presented in this conveniently sized handbook, which can be used not only as an initial source of information for the curious but can also bring back memories of past journeys. Over 50 highlights are presented with full page photographs accompanied by important background information.


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